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Can You Name Some Famous Vegetarians?

promo_061511_imageEditor's Message: When I first read about Mike Tyson turning vegan last year, I was in total disbelief. I immediately searched the internet looking for contrasting stories. But I couldn't. It was real! A year later, this is what he had to say in an interview with Greta Van Susteren in April: he wished he'd been a vegan since birth. "When you find out about the processed stuff you have been eating. I wonder why I was crazy all those years." (source)

So besides Mike Tyson, are there other famous vegetarians? Here is a good defense list for all the skeptics out there.



Can you name some vegetarians I may have heard of?

We've got bragging rights. Vegetarians have been found among the ranks of geniuses such as Albert Einstein, founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin, humanitarians such as Mahatma Gandhi, Olympic gold medalists such as Carl Lewis, military commanders such as British air chief marshal Hugh Dowding, gifted musicians such as Paul McCartney of the Beatles, talented actors such as Tobey Maguire (who played Spiderman), and great men of faith such as the founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth.

There are so many vegetarians, it's hard to know who to include. We've picked a selection of those you may have heard of. To see a more complete list, go to www.ivu.org/people or www.peta2.com. Remember that the list of famous vegetarians is changing all the time, as more people decide to go veggie.

Historical and Well-Known Figures

Susan B. Anthony, American suffragist and civil rights leader
General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army
Charles Darwin, British naturalist who first proposed the theory of evolution
Leonardo DaVinci, artist and scientist
Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb
Albert Einstein, physicist who devised the theory of relativity
Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States
Mahatma Gandhi, Indian civil rights leader
Gustav Holst, classical composer
Abraham Kook, first chief rabbi of Israel
Gustav Mahler, classical composer
Isaac Newton, English mathematician who formulated the theory of gravitation and laws of motion
Plato, Greek philosopher
Pythagoras, Greek mathematician
Albert Schweitzer, physician and theologian who won the Nobel Peace Prize
Coretta Scott King and Dexter Scott King, wife and son of Martin Luther King
Socrates, Greek philosopher
John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church
Ellen G White, founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Present-Day Musicians

Paula Abdul, American singer, choreographer, TV personality
Bryan Adams, Canadian singer
André Benjamin (André 3000), American rapper
Tom Higgenson, lead singer of Plain White T's
Andy Hurley, drummer with Fall Out Boy
Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer
Leona Lewis, British singer
Travis Miguel, guitarist with Atreyu
Moby, American singer and instrumentalist
Jason Mraz, American singer-songwriter
Paul McCartney, lead singer of the Beatles
Prince, American singer-songwriter
Shania Twain, Canadian singer
Carrie Underwood, American singer

Present-Day Actors and Entertainers (and their current and well-known movies or shows)

Penelope Cruz, Nine, Vanilla Sky
Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Emily Deschanel, Bones
Michael J Fox, Back to the Future
Ginnifer Goodwin, He's Just Not That Into You
Woody Harrelson, Zombieland
Dustin Hoffman, Rainman, Hook
Tobey Maguire, Spiderman
Hayden Panettiere, Heroes
Natalie Portman, Star Wars, Black Swan
Alicia Silverstone, Silence Becomes You, Clueless
Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live


Hank Aaron, baseball player; former home run record holder
Desmond Howard, former NFL wide receiver, Super Bowl MVP
Georges Laraque, former right wing for the Montreal Canadiens
Carl Lewis, track and field athlete, winner of nine Olympic gold medals
Bode Miller, alpine ski racer; Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion
John Salley, basketball player; four-time NBA champion
Dave Scott, triathlete; won six Ironman world championship events
Ed Templeton, champion skateboarder
Jamie Thomas, champion skateboarder
Ricky Williams, running back for the Miami Dolphins

Excerpt from Say No To Meat by A. Strombom and S. Rose