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Sustainable Living Headlines: March 2013

Discussions on NaturalChoice.net

Highlights from our Natural Health Series

In Pills We Trust?: An infographic which depicts the problems of our conventional health care system and suggests alternatives.

Natural Health Care - Empowering Patients to Lead Healthier Lives: A guide to a more natural approach to health care.

Highlights from our Relationship Series

How Knowing Your Authentic Self Leads to Richer Relationships: A discussion on how to form the foundation for a meaningful relationship.

The Virtue of Admitting Fault: A dialogue about how admitting fault can empower us to build more authentic relationships.


Industry Headlines

Are Local Weather Patterns Affected By Wind Patterns?

A study out of Switzerland looks into the effects of the downdrafts created by wind turbines on the local environment. One concern is that the downdraft is changing local weather patterns, which can have an impact on local habitats.

Healthier Births and Babies - with Midwives

After years of progress, deliveries are getting more dangerous. The low-tech, high-touch approach pioneered by the Frontier Nursing Service in the 1920s has shown positive results with women working with midwives in the Washington DC area.

Fracking Up Our Food System

The number of gas drilling wells in America has nearly doubled in the past decade. The growing interest in hydraulic fracturing is posting risk to our food supply due to potential air, water, and soil contamination. At the same time, wells are taken up valuable and limited farmland.

The More You Love Quinoa, The More You Hate Bolivians

Quinoa is considered a superfood for its great nutritional value. Global sales of the seed have exploded causing its price to triple since 2006. Poor people in Peru and Bolivia, for whom it was once a nourishing staple food, can no longer afford to eat it. Cheap imported junk food and the shift to quinoa monoculture both present long-term problems for the local communities.

The Power Of Doing...Nothing!

Meditation guru and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe talks about how giving yourself the freedom to do nothing--complete mind emptiness, no reading, no music, no nothing--can refresh and transform your mind and your health.