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Sustainable Living Headlines: Nov 2012

Discussions on NaturalChoice.net

Highlights from our Parenting Discussion Series

Play safe - Non-Toxic Toys for Kids of All Ages: Guide for eco-toys that are inspiring and fun to play with.

Schoolyard Bullying – Open the Blind Eyes: A look at the serious problem of schoolyard bulling and what can be done.

Helicopter Parenting – Enough is Enough: A discussion of what is too little or too much parenting, and tips on avoiding being a helicopter parent.

Highlights from our Fall Health Discussion Series

Choosing a Reflexologist: An overview of reflexology and tips on finding a legitimate therapist.

Balancing Stress to Benefit Your Skin: A look at how your overall heath can impact your skin condition.

10 Benefits & Uses of Miso: An overview of this oriental ingredient, plus recipes.


Industry Headlines

Record Low Ice Cover In The Arctic

In September, Arctic ice cover reached the lowest seasonal minimum extent in the satellite record since 1979 and reinforced the long-term downward trend in Arctic ice extent. Although the ice will reform over the cold fall and winter months, the broken record set off new warnings about the rapid pace of climate change in the region.

Levi’s Newest Jeans Will Keep 3.5M Plastic Bottles Out Of The Landfill

Levi’s newest line of jeans will be partially made from post-consumer waste, specifically recycled plastic bottles and food trays. The company estimates that the Spring 2013 Levi’s Waste

New Report Highlights Dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing

There is still much we don’t know about how shale fracking for natural gas affects the environment, especially local drinking water supplies. But rather than using this lack of information as an excuse to greenlight fracking, a new study says we should be cautious.

LEED Certifications for Federal Buildings Rise More Than 50%

The U.S. is still far from where it should be on clean energy, but when it comes to green building, the Government seems to be leading by example. A new report found that the number of federal LEED-certified projects has skyrocketed about 51 percent this year, from 544 completed in 2011 to 821 in just the first eight months of 2012.

Ugly Produce Will No Longer Be Wasted At UK Grocery Stores

Facing food shortages in an ongoing British drought, grocery chain Sainsbury’s recently announced that it would allow “ugly” fruit and vegetables to be sold right alongside its more beautiful counterparts. The company says it will educate customers that misshapen foods are just as edible as those that are perfect.