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Mindful Living Headlines & Articles: September 2012

Industry Headlines

Definition of Depression Expanded in American Psychiatric Association's Manual (DSM)

The Manual's 4th edition distinguishes normal grieving after loss from clinical depression. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, the definition of depression, under the proposed update in the 5th edition, can characterize bereavement as a depressive disorder, which can lead to the medicalization of normal grief.

Treating the Distress of Cancer

Distress in cancer patients can negatively impact their recovery progress. The Institute of Medicine warned about the lack of care to address this issue in 2007. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Commission on Cancer will require care providers to evaluate patients for distress and refer them for help starting in 2015.

Urban Light Pollution Linked to Depression

A recent study published in Molecular Psychiatry links light pollution to an increase in major depressive disorder. After four weeks of exposure to light pollution, test hamsters produced more TNF - a protein secreted in response to injury or inflammation. Released consistently, that alone could play a role in increased risk for depression.


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