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Introducing Search By Interest - A Convenient Way to Search the Natural Choice Directory

EditorMsg_0211_imageIntroducing Search By Interest 

Search-By-Interest gives you a new way to look for resources across the whole Directory. Historically, product/service categories are conveniently listed under 4 sections - Green Resources, Natural Health, Food & Supplements, and Mind & Spirit. Search-By-Interest returns a list of categories that are related to common interests, regardless of their section classifications.

For example, a parent interested in resources for children's daily needs can search for "Client Focus: Baby & Children". The search returns the following categories (historically listed under 3 sections): Apparels & Shoes, Baby Products & Services, Child Care Services, Diaper Services, Pediatric Medicine, Schools - Preschool/Kindergarten, School - Grade through Twelve.

To access Search-By-Interest, click the green Advance Search button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This new function provides a convenient way to identify resources across the whole directory. However, it is not intended to be comprehensive. For complete listing of categories, navigate our section tabs directly.

4 Ways to Search the Natural Choice Directory

  • Search By Section
  • Search By Keyword
  • Search By Category (an alphabetical listing of all categories)
  • Search by Interest

It has never been this easy to Make the Natural Choice!