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Introducing the Article Button at NaturalChoice.net

Introducing the Article Button - Making Informed Decisions Faster with the Natural Choice Directory

EditorMsg_0311_imageDon't you want to learn more about potential product/service providers to before making the decision? The Natural Choice Directory agrees. The new Article Button gives you quick access to articles written by our business partners, right from their business listings. This quick reference gives you better knowledge about the providers' philosophies and methodologies, as well as the products/services you are interested. This readily available information will allow you to make better informed decisions.

For example, if you are interested in bedding solutions. You can access our Beds & Bedding page via the Green Resources menu, or other search functions. You will find the Article Button, a green link, below 2 of the business listings. Clicking on the links will lead you directly to the article(s) written by these suppliers. If you find what you need or would like to explore more, please do give the suppliers a call and let them know that you found them on the Natural Choice Directory.

Related Educational Materials

Additionally, we are adding links to blogs and articles related to a particular category to that category page. These materials are listed under Additional Resources at the top of the category page. For example, see the link to an article about selecting green furniture for your home listed under "Additional Resources" at the top of Beds & Bedding page. Now you can make informed decision with resources right at your fingertips .

It has never been this easy to Make the Natural Choice!