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Natural Choice Show: Pursuit of Happiness

NCD_ShowWe already know that wealth does not necessarily  lead to happiness. Then how can we find happiness?

Gross national product or gross national happiness? Why do our leaders care? Can happiness lead to economic and social well-being? The story of Bhutan may hold the answer.

The national Happiness Initiative project, headed in Seattle, was inspired by the astonishing statistics of Bhutan. The economically poor, yet spiritually rich, country was termed the world's happiest country. Laura Muskanski from the Happiness Initiative discussed about the project and how its gross national happiness index can be used as an assessment, as well as a tool, for our pursuit of happiness.

Dr. Suarez from Antioch University also offered suggestions. An empirical study has shown, Dr. Suarez said, that mental control and mindfulness meditation can be helpful in finding happiness. Stay positive as positive energy spirals and drives future happiness.

Sometimes, we do need to reprogram our minds to focus on the positive. David Brooke, the "gratitude guy", reminded us that we too often focus on things that we don't have, instead of things that we do have. David recommended our audience to keep a gratitude journal. The process of writing the journal reminds us about all the things we do have, reenforcing our positive attitude.

Happiness is within us. We just need to be willing to reach out for it. Tune in to our Archive.

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