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Natural Choice Show: Seaonal Allergies
Posted: 04-02-2013 2:26 pm by T. Hung

NCD_Show Rid Seasonal Allergies Naturally: Stop the itchy eyes and runny noses with natural approaches this season. Herbs, botanicals, acupuncture, and chiropractics may be your solution to seasonal allergies.

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Posted 04-03-2013 1:37 pm by Annett
I could not listen to the Allergy Topic, it is not in the archive yet. But I can recommend for Allergy, itchy eyes, running nose and Asthma a Salt Therapy. This type of treatment is very popular in europe and now as well in other parts in the US. The Halotherapy is drug free and has no side effects. I\'m doing Halotherapy for my awful hay fever. Usually I start with allergy in February. But this year I don\'t have any allergy symptoms till yet. I will keep doing this. Halotherapy is now also available in Bellevue since this year. You can contact me about that. 


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