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Natural Skincare with Alternative Medicine

OTC medication may offer immediate relief to your skin problems by suppressing the symptoms. Alternative medicine and TCM provides long-term solutions that tackle the underlying health problems.

What is I-732, the Carbon Washington Initiative

Can we find a balance between our environment and our wallets? Learn about I-732, the Carbon Washington initiative.

Summer Sun, Vitamin D and You

Is the sun a friend, foe or possible both? While sun exposure can pose health dangers such as skin diseases and cancers,  it can also come with many health benefits, particularly, the opportunity to increase one’s vitamin D levels. Finding the healthy balance is the key.

A New Life for Food Waste

40% of food produced in the US was wasted while 14% of households were food insecure, and green house gas emitted from food waste was damaging our environment. An introduction to a series of articles on reducing food waste at the consumer level.

Chinese Medicine for Treating Atopic Eczema

Atopic eczema can manifest in different presentations, each of which represents a different health condition and so requires a specific treatment approach. Careful diagnosis and the use of Chinese medicine can yield long-term results.

Interfaith Engagement and the Emerging Culture of Peace

Climate change, increased pollution, social system collapsing, ... The level of chaos we are experiencing may be creating the necessary conditions for the Culture of Peace to emerge.

Natural Healing for Aging 2: Vision Loss

Losing hearing, vision and cognitive capabilities are generally accepted to be "normal" with advancing age. But they need not be "normal" for you! Part 2 of series discusses natural healing for vision loss related to aging.

At Natural Choice Network, our goal is to build the bridge of natural choices that brings together conscious-minded consumers and businesses. Our business model is built around four concepts: Tread Lightly Our Green Living section is built upon an eco-friendly lifestyle that respects what Mother Earth offers. We offer resources on alternative energy, green building concepts, natural home supplies, and recycled products to help you build your natural habitat. Heal From Within The Natural Health section is inspired by our innate healing power. In our directory, you’ll find resources and holistic practitioners that represent many natural healing modalities, and complementary and alternative medicine disciplines. Honor our Land and what it offers. Not only does our Food & Supplement section offer delicious food choices, it represents our commitment to bringing you the best sustainable food options. Just Be The power of thoughts and emotions define our views and being. Our Mind & Spirit section offers resources for counseling and spiritual healing.

Our team is glad to be on the road with you to a sustainable future. Thank you for Making the Natural Choice.

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