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Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary

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    Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary is a local non-profit corporation “dedicated to providing a pesticide-free urban setting for native bees, and honey bees alike.”

    Receiving local grants, including grants from the City of Olympia, and the Community Sustaining Fund of Thurston County, Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary has built over 30 top bar beehives, distributed throughout the northwest region.

    Top bar hives, and sun hives, are natural homes for bees – allowing bees to build their own comb, live pesticide free, and undisturbed via a built-in viewing window.

    Through educational workshops, we teach swarm gathering, hive building, and natural beekeeping practices.

    Top bars are now sold at Eastside Urban Farm and Garden, Marlene's Market and Deli, and the Olympia Food Co-Op.

    Like us on FaceBook, schedule your workshop, or order you own beehive today.

    Upcoming workshops include:

    1. Adopt a Rooftop Hive: Assemble and dedicate your hive while tasting HoneyLove Chocolates, and biodynamic wines. May 1st at Mud Bay Mercantile in Olympia, WA.

    2. Sun Hive Building Workshop. Coil your own biodynamic sun hive from local grass, Clay, and dung. Learn the benefits of round hive shapes. Form community with natural beekeepers. TBA

    3. Build your own swarm box, and discuss honey bee genetic diversity as an alternative to artificially inseminated queens. Marlene's Market and Deli Tacoma, April 12, 2016.

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