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    We provide water purification solutions for residential, commercial, workplace and self-serve systems. Ask your questions and get help in finding the right solution for your needs.

    Residential: Point of Use filtration (filtering water just before it is used) is an efficient and cost-effective method to remove contaminants with a smaller filter.

    Commercial: Many industries have specific water quality requirements. We've helped breweries, distilleries, grocery stores, window washers, aquarium maintenance companies and manufacturers.

    Workplace: Office filter systems, bring delicious tasting, affordable water to your workplace, all without the hassle of storing and lifting heavy bottles.

    Self-serve: 17 locations where you can fill your own bottles. Water bottles, crocks and caps available.

    Products & services include:

    • Drinking water filters
    • Shower filters
    • Self serve bottled water
    • Bottleless water coolers
    • Deionization specialists
    • Water analysis
    • Installation and service

    Locally owned and operated since 1980

    Custom Pure
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    Custom Pure
    1514 NE 179th St, Seattle, WA 98155
    (206) 363-0039

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