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Ecologic Dentistry PLLC

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    Healthy & Holistic Approach to Dentistry
    At Ecologic Dentistry, we consider the mouth to be the portal to the rest of our body and the mouth is where wellness begins. Our body naturally works toward establishing balance or homeostasis. We support our natural healing process by giving our body the ideal environment in which to heal itself by offering natural solutions and treatments that are minimally invasive and least toxic.

    * Safer Mercury Removal and Detox
    * Ozone Therapy
    * Herbals
    * Dental Material Biocompatibility Testing
    * Single Visit Ceramic Crowns
    * Meridian Tooth Chart
       ... and more

    ecologic dentistry
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    Ecologic Dentistry PLLC
    8412 Myers Rd E Ste 301 Bonney Lake WA 98391

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