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    Designers, Fabricators, and Builders of Compact Sustainable Homes

    GreenPodTM Homes Offer Sustainable Living From the Inside Out. We offer modular homes built with sustainable and socially-responsibly-sourced material for interior and exterior construction. Our customized homes are designed with your budget in mind with complete menu and a la carte options. The factory-built home can be transported to your site, or you can get house kits for assembly yourself.

    Benefits of owning a GreenPodTM

    • Cost savings over traditional custom homes due to efficient design and manufacturing, and reduced ongoing operating costs
    • Healthy indoor environment by using non-toxic materials
    • Healthy for the planet through recycling

    2012 Model Home

    Experience the joy of living in a green Dream Home -- a non toxic Home of the Future, swept of mold, mildew and harmful chemicals. Featured on the 2012 Seattle Green Home Tour, property is located at GreenDepot at 4121 First Ave. S.

  • Contact Information
    606 Roosevelt St., Port Townsend, WA 98368
    (800) 569-0831
    (360) 385-5614

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