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Ground Source Energy NW

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    Saving 40-60% on heating and cooling! 

    Up to 30% Tax Credit, and Financing is Available!

    Traditional is Good - Ductless is Better - Geothermal is Best 

    Harness the Sun's Free Energy from the Ground Around You

    Hybrid and Air-to-Water Heat Pump Now Also Available

    Free, no-obligation analysis. Ask about our Green Energy Efficient Programs. Call Mark Humphrey today.

    To learn more about how thermal energy works

    Implementation Options

     Open Loop GroundSource_OpenLoop
     Horizontal Loop GroundSource_HoriLoop
     Vertical Loop GroundSource_VertLoop
     Pond Loop GroundSource_PondLoop
    Ground Source Energy NW
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    Ground Source Energy NW
    Kent, WA
    (425) 941-2476

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