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Kay Lakey Physical Therapy

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    I have over 30 years of experience in applying physical therapy to rehabilitation, sports injury, acute care, industrial medicine, orthopedics, and holistic physical therapy. My goal is to help you return to normal activities by decreasing pain, edema and muscle guarding to improve function. The treatment program transitions from a focus on rehabilitation to a focus on health maintenance, cardiovascular improvement, and return to work and even high-level performance.

    I combine my experience in both traditional and alternative healing in my treatment. Techniques include:

    • Myofascial release
    • Craniosacral mobilization
    • Visceral mobilization
    • Reiki
    • Therapeutic exercise
    • Movement integration 
    Kay Lakey Physical Therapy
  • Contact Information
    Kay Lakey Physical Therapy
    2611 NE 125th St, Ste 100C, Seattle, WA 98125
    (206) 523-7086

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