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Michael Byrne

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    I believe that within you, you have all that you need to create a life that you love. I believe that you are stronger than your past. I encourage you to dream boldly for your future, and to live with courage and growing awareness in the present.

    My role as a therapist is just a tiny part in the full and unique life of each person I work with. My intention is to see and nurture your light, your creativity, and your truth, and to help you achieve your goals. I am comfortable sitting with you in the darkness, with the pain, and not turning away. There are unseen treasures there, though it certainly doesn’t feel that way. We are both the light and the dark, and so both are essential.

    My passion is in helping people regain hope and generate momentum in creating a life they love, full of awareness, meaning and vitality. I work with people of all ages, and no issue is too big or too small.

    I am a psychotherapist, a naturopathic physician, and a life coach. My training as a physician of natural medicine affords me the tools of nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, counseling, and various bodywork techniques (including craniosacral therapy). I also utilize guided imagery, meditation techniques, insight-oriented psychotherapy, EMDR and Lifespan Integration. I am a preferred provider for most major Washington state insurance plans.

    Michael Byrne
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    Michael Byrne
    6300 9th Ave NE Ste 200 Seattle
    (206) 428-2067

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