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New Health Medical Center

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    New Health Medical Center is one of the oldest and largest clinics combining all types of natural medicine. We utilize unique programs and methods derived from European and Asian natural medicine traditions. These include a Medical Detoxification Program and Pain Therapy Program, with medicinal hot packs, Mora Bioresonance Therapy, Bemer Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Microcurrent Electrical Therapy, Kangen alkaline and antioxidant water, many unique acupuncture and manual therapy techniques, and many unique nutritional and botanical supplements, as well as a complete individual Prescription Food Plan, based on body measurements, test results, blood type, body type, medical history and symptoms. Thus, patients are able to use food as medicine to maintain health and prevent serious disease, the ultimate goal in natural medical therapy.

    New Health Medical Center
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    New Health Medical Center
    23700 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA 98026
    (425) 775-6001

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