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Nurtured Earth Gardens

  • We are a small company focused on strong environmental ethics that we instill in our every action. Creating harmonious garden spaces that are ecologically sustainable, drought tolerant and eye pleasing is our passion!


    Full scale Design and Installation

    • One on one garden designwork

    • Plantings that incorporate natives, drought tolerant & edibles



    • Patios, pathways, stairs

    • Retaining walls

    • Rockeries


    Arborist services

    • Fine tree and shrub pruning

    • Detailed thinning and crafting

    • Hazard assessment

    • House & line clearance

    • Fruit trees



    Regular care and TLC of your garden—Organically!

  • Contact Information
    Nurtured Earth Gardens
    5701 29th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
    (206) 234-9347

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