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Christine Upchurch, M.S.

Message from Christine Upchurch, M.S.

Live life more vibrantly!
Christine Upchurch, M.S.
Host, The Christine Upchurch Show
Co-Creator, 111™ & 222™ Activations
Developer, The Vibration of Change™
·            Transformational Workshops
·            The Vibration of Change™ Coaching
·            Weekly Radio Show
·            Blog
If you are looking for positive, lasting change—greater wellbeing, better relationships, and improved life circumstances—then The Vibration of Change™ is here to help you navigate change in a new way. As someone who has been on her own transformational journey and has helped facilitate change for thousands, Christine discovered something which goes beyond conscious manifestation techniques, behavioral changes, or systems of healing. There are universal principles governing change—energetic laws spanning across all types of change and all approaches to change—which determine our success. Following them leads to positive, lasting change; but ignoring them keeps us stuck.
Once you understand these principles and assess your own natural tendencies, you will become better empowered to create the changes you desire.
For more information about The Vibration of Change™, please visit http://www.christineupchurch.com/the-vibration-of-change-workshop-description.html
To check out Christine’s blog, go to http://www.christineupchurch.com/blog1
For more information about Christine’s nationally syndicated radio show, go to http://www.christineupchurch.com/radio-show.html
Website:  www.ChristineUpchurch.com

  Contact Information
Christine Upchurch, M.S.
Region: WA Puget Sound
(425) 999-9836

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christine upchurch, M.S.

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