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Whole Health Hypnosis & Integrative Wellness

  • Hypnosis is a safe, powerful way to make dramatic, permanent changes to your life fast.

    Unlock the power of your subconscious to break bad habits or release limiting beliefs. Align your heart with your mind to make the changes you've wanted to achieve. Overcome fears or reduce stress. Restore relationships or release them. Manage priorities, commit to exercise, eat healthy or sleep better. Open yourself to joy or not be so sensitive. Find insight or lose anger. Love who you are and be who you love to be.

    Hypnosis and Integrative Wellness Coaching use the latest mind-body science to help you achieve your goals, understand yourself better, and step into your brilliance as a human being.

    Christian Skoorsmith, MA, is a Certified Hypnotist and Integrative Wellness Coach with more than ten years' experience working with groups and individuals to achieve their ideal selves and accomplish their goals. Trained in the most advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques, Christian focuses on results-based practices - meaning his clients consistently receive the best results from their work together.

    Whole Health Hypnosis and Wellness specializes in the following:

    - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

    - Smoking Cessation

    - Pain Management

    - Anger and Stress Management

    - Marriage Preparation for Couples

    - Relationships

    - Spiritual Counsel

    - Certified in Hypnosis with Transgender Clients

    - Certified in Hypnosis and Tinnitus

    - Certified in Hypnosis and Pain Management

    Whole Health Hypnosis and Integrative Wellness

    Local. Professional. Results.

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    Whole Health Hypnosis & Integrative Wellness
    3603 S. McClellan St., Seattle

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