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Natural Choice Network Show

NCD_ShowWelcome to our weekly show, where Sustainability Comes Live.

Every week, we will be covering current sustainability issues, rotating through our four focus areas: Green Living, Natural Health, Food & Supplements, and Mind & Spirit.

Martha Childress, our host, was born and raised in the Seattle area. She has a deep love and appreciation for the Great Northwest. When she is not out exploring nature, she is busy participating in the many local events. Martha is very much involved with our sustainable communities. She will be bringing you hot discussion topics and fresh ideas every week.

Enjoy the show live every Tue at 12:30p on KKNW 1150AM or Online, or pick from our archive at your leisure.

Topic Date Guests Audio
Local Sourcing: Build connections and communities around the joy of food. 02/17/15 Josh Groff, Managing Partner of Local Burger

Josh Holmes, Chef and General Manager of Local Burger

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Meditate with Feeling: Reconnect with yourself through meditation. 02/10/15 Savitri, Alive and Shine Center » Play «  
Greening Your Life: What can you do? How can your local government agency help? 01/27/15 Tom Watson, King County Recycle & Environmental Services » Play «  
A Fresh Food Start: Healthy diet doesn't need to be boring. Healthy juices and smoothies offer endless varieties and lots of fun to add plant-based food to your diet. 01/20/15 Leslie Woodward, Holistic Nutritionist at Jujubeet » Play «  
Numerology for the New Year: How do the numbers stack up in 2015? 01/13/15 Deborah Stelfox, Intuitive Matchmaker and Numerologist » Play «  
New Year Resolution: No more guilt. A positive attitude towards your new year goals. 01/06/15 Mary Purdy, MS, Registered Dietitian, Nourishing Balance » Play «  
A Green Holiday: Reuse - Reduce - Recycle. Rejoice this holiday. 11/25/14 Brenda DeVore, CleanScapes » Play «  
Holiday Cooking: Have a stress-free holiday dinner. Enjoy the company instead. 11/18/14 Bridget Charters, Director of Hot Stove Society » Play «  
Digestive Health: Explore the magical relationship between our minds, our guts and our physical health. Does “Listen to your guts” ring a bell? 11/04/14 Frances Arnold, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Dietitian, Yoga Teacher » Play «  
Music that Matters: What is the music saying to you? Tune in for a real treat for your mind and spirit. 10/28/14 Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill, Singers and Songwriters » Play «  
A Green Halloween: Make green the new orange. Think natural, usable, and creativity. Get tips on having a eco-friendly and healthy celebration. 10/21/14 Brenda DeVore, CleanScapes

Monica Garg Sanhai, Eco-Party Time

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Green Home Sanctuary: Home is more than just a roof over our heads. Get tips on how to turn your home into a sancturary for the mind and spirit. 10/14/14 Sharon Hanby-Robie, American Society of Interior Designers » Play «  
Float Therapy: Let Go and discover natural healing for your physical and emotional health. 10/07/14 Genevieve Teletchea, Cocoon Float Pods » Play «  
Winterize Your Garden: How to protect your plants from the cold wet winter and prepare them for lush season afterwards? Find out from the experts. 09/30/14 Sue Hartman, Laura Matter, Seattle Tilth » Play «  
Preserve the Summer Bounty: A "delicious" discussion of the different methods of food preservation. Get recipe ideas for preserving your favorite foods. 09/23/14 Aubrey Jenkins, Drum Beets

Carey Thornton, Seattle Tilth

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The Law of Time: Do you feel like chasing the clock every day? If so, this episode is for you! Explore your relationship with time. 09/16/14 Stephanie South, Author of Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change » Play «  
The Many Forms of Yoga: A spirited discussion of what yoga is, from its origin to today's popular trends. 09/09/14 Hari Vilas Das, Vedic Cultural Center

Dawn Torres, Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio and Healing Center

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Industrial Hemp: Industrial hemp used to be on our bills. What happened to it? Get a load down on the history of industrial hemp in the US and the current status. 08/26/14 Joy Beckerman, President of the Washington State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Associationand Hemp Ace International

Other resources: Hemp Technologies Gloabl

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Social Enterprise: See how the Millionair Club combines economics and social well-being in its business model to benefit the community as a whole. 08/19/14 Cary Calkins, Director of Business Development, the Millionair Club » Play «  
Conscious Cannabis: Recent change in legislation has raised curiosity about cannabis. Gain better understanding of the plant with this discussion on the many aspects of cannabis -- medical, mental, psychological, cultural and even spiritual. 08/12/14 Sebastian DeRosia

Alison Draisin, Ettalew’s Edibles

Karl Keich, Medical Marijuana Association Seattle

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Unravel the Marijuana Mystery: An informative discussion of the differences between medical and recreational marijuana. 08/05/14 Alison Draisin, Ettalew’s Edibles

Karl Keich, Medical Marijuana Association Seattle

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What is EcoPsychology: Explore the magestic relatiionship between nature and human, both physiological and psychologically. 07/29/14 Thomas Doherty, Lewis and Clark Graduate School, OR » Play «  
Modular Living: Big dream doesn't need to be built on big footprints. Explore the concept of modular living with pods. Build your dream home around sustainability and flexibility. 07/22/14 Kevin Coker, Greenpod Intelligent Environments » Play «  
Food Labeling: Where Are We Now and the 522 Defeat: "Defeated" but not discouraged. Learn about the ongoing initiatives devoted to making our food safe. 07/15/14 Whitney Riggs, Lable GMOs

Adrienne Sammuels

Non GMO Project  Truth In Labeling

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Conscious Kids Summer Activities: Unplug from the electronic world and connect with nature this summer. Fun programs for kids that also build leadership, teamwork, and environmental stewardship. 07/08/14 Curtis Kukal, Park Ranger City of Bellevue

Jenna Walenga, Bellevue Parks and Recreation


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Washington Trails: Discover the unbeaten path around you. 06/24/14 Susan Elderkin, Washington Trails Association » Play «  
Men and spirituality: Explore the topic of divine masculinity with our guest and learn about the importance of honoring our creaturehood. 06/17/14 Christopher Tims, Teacher, Healer, Mystic » Play «  
Natural Health for Men: An interesting discussion on how hormone changes affect men's energy level, moods, physical health and performance as we age, and what to do about it. 06/10/14 Dr. Barry Wheeler, Innovation Men's Clinic » Play «  
Bellevue Botanical Gardens: Find out more about the grand opening on Father's Day 06/03/14 Ken Kroeger, City of Bellevue Parks and Community Service

Nancy Kartes, Bellevue Botanical Gardens

George Lasch, Northwest Perennial Alliance

» Play «  
Stay-At-Home Moms: Are women defined by their work choices? Join us to explore this delicate subject and how it impacts women’s psychological and mental well-being 05/27/14 Dr. Renee Bibeault, Psychiatry for Women » Play «  
Farmer's Market: Tune in for a fresh and delicious treat. 05/13/14 Kia Armstrong, Manager of Nash’s Organic Produce

Chris Curtis, Director of the Neighborhood Farmers Markets

» Play «  
Menopause: Natural approaches to embrace this life-changing experience 05/06/14 Dr. Marina Abrams, Medical Director with Water’s Edge Natural medicine » Play «  
Natural Pest Control: Nature cannot be rushed with quick-fix chemicals. A fun discussion about natural techniques for a beautiful and healthy garden. 04/29/14 Sue Hartman, Educator at Seattle Tilth Garden Hotlineand Coordinator at Good Shepherd Garden

Lisa Neihaus, King Counties Hazardous Waste Management

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Geothermal Energy: An overview of what it is and how it is implemented 04/22/14 Mark Humphrey, Owner of Ground Source Energy NW » Play «  
Mother's Day Celebration: Show mom you care this Mother's Day. Take her to a restaurant that cares about you, and the environment. 04/15/14 Don Curtiss, Chef and Owner of Volterra

Brian Scheehser, Chef of Trellis

Samsher Singh, Owner of Bombay House

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Female Empowerment: An insightful discussion on female empower. One can learn to stop feeling like a victim and start making positive changes in life. 04/08/14 Keesha Ewers, owner of Fern Life Center and host of Healthy YOU! Radio » Play «  
Health & Beauty: A peronal story about how health crisis inspired a beauty professional to turn to natural healing. And in the process, she found natural beauty. 04/02/14 Kat James, Informed Beauty, and author of The Truth about Beauty » Play «  
Hydroponics Gardening: An introduction to hydroponics and its benefits 03/18/14 Chris Bajuk, Farming Program Manager, and Jim Miller, Executive Director, Millionair Club Charity » Play «  
The Soul of Money: An energetic discussion of money 03/11/14 Lynn Brown, Financial Advisor

Emily Zillig, Money Relationship Mentor

» Play «  
Spring Detox: Uncover the myth of detox, and discover practical means to rejuvenate your body for the new season. 03/04/14 Frances Arnold, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Dietitian, Yoga Teacher » Play «  
Relationship with Your Computer: Healthy computers can make our lives easier and happier. 02/25/14 Craig Walker, Coho Computer » Play «  
Self-Healing with Bodywork: Discussion on how bodywork can help the body heal itself. 02/18/14 Dawn Spiegelberg, Bodywise Bodywork » Play «  
Find Lasting Love: A fun discussion on how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. 02/11/14 Deborah Stelfox, Intuitive Matchmaker and Numerologist » Play «  
Valentine's Treat: Something special for someone special. 02/04/14 Angela Cough, Flying Apron

Sheree Gibson, Karen Meyer, Caffé Ladro

» Play «  
New Year "Evolution"3: A discussion of what biofeedback is and how it can help to improve health and achieve optimal wellbeing. 01/28/14 Margo Johnson, RN, PhD, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Services, President Emeritus of Biofeedback Society of Washington State » Play «  
New Year "Evoluation"2: Simple steps go a long way 01/21/14 Tracey Tobler, Business Coach & Spirit Guide » Play «  
New Year "Evolution": Look within to Heal 01/07/14 Dr. Michelle Turcotte, Connected Wellness Center » Play «  
The Benefits of Tea: Tea is rich in antioxidant, an agent to fight free radicals. Through mindful preparation and enjoyment, it can also enrich the souls. 12/17/13 Neil Buckland, Co-CEO and Founder of Shen Zen Tea

James Chang, Co-CEO of Shen Zen Tea

Grace Chang, Bastyr Naturopathic Medical Student and Masters Candidate in Acupuncture

» Play «  
Holiday Cooking: Tips on how to cook up a wonderful meal for all your guests with special diet needs. 12/03/13 Karen Robertson, Owner of Mama K’s Gluten-Free Bakeryand Author of “Cooking Gluten Free”

Jeanne Sauvage, Author of “Gluten Free Baking for the Holidays

Marilyn Wells, Nutrition Editor for PCC Natural Markets

» Play «  
Conscious Finance: A discussion of socially responsible investment and community banking. See how you can put your money where your heart is.
11/19/13 Sanjay Das, Robertson/Das Socially Responsible Investing

Jo Figurelli, Umpqua Bank
» Play «  

What Is In Your Water? Find out about the properties of water -- pH, antioxidant, and hydration qualities.

11/12/13 Kim PatrickHoward Phillips, Kangen Snohomish » Play «  
Behavioral Health Programs for Veterans: To honor Veteran's Day, a discussion of resources available to help veterans integrate into the community upon their return from duties. 11/05/13 Jeremy Grisham, Contractor, Veteran’s Conservation Corps, Washington State Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Karen Person, Staff Sergeant

» Play «  
Oxygen and Brain Injuries: Listen to the groundbreaking work in bringing hyperbarics oxygen therapy to treating brain injuries. 10/29/13 Lauren Brown, Director, Amen Clinic

Dr. Xavier Figueroa, President, The Brain Healing Foundation

Dr. Latisha Smith, Medical Director, Bellevue Hyperbarics

» Play «  
Fair Trade: An introduction of Fair Trade -- its background, principles, and where it is today. 10/22/13 Kmbris Bond, Board Chair, Ten Thousand Villages

Doug Dirks, Original Forerunner for Fair Trade and Former CEO, Ten Thousand Villages

» Play «  
All About 522: What is GMO and GE? What is 522 and why should you care? An quick overview of I-522. 10/15/13 Elizabeth Larter, Communications Director of Yes on 522

Dr. Frank Springob, D.C., and Author of "Bugs In My Brain, Poison On My Plate"

» Play «  
Finding Happiness: An introduction to the Happiness Initiative, and the tools and resources to help us find happiness.
10/08/13 David George Brooke, the "Gratitude Guy"

Laura Musikanski, Happiness Counts

Dr. Alex Suarez, PhD Clinical Psychology and Faculty at Antioch University

» Play «  
Post Cancer Care: Learn about programs that aim to restore the physical and psychological health of cancer survivors. Advices on how to live life more fully after the devastating disease. 10/01/13 J. Fields, MA, LMFT, Cancer Program Facilitator; Gretchen Schodde, MN, ARNP, FNP-BC, Founder, Harmony Hill Retreat Center

Dr. Mark Gignac, ND, MSA, FABNO, Naturopathic Oncologist and Director of Integrated Medicine, Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center

» Play «  
Light Pollution: A discussion on how too much light can impact our life and our environment, and what is being done about it. 09/24/13 Dave Ingram, Northwest Chapter Leader, International Dark-Sky Association

Eric Scigliano, Contributing Editor, Crosscut, and Science Writer, Washington Sea Grant

» Play «  
Sustainable Fishery: What does the term mean? What is the environmental impact of eating fish? 09/17/13 Ray Hilborn, Professor, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of Washington » Play «  
Teenage Stress: Sports, studies, peer pressure, ... Where is the balance for teenagers? 09/10/13 Dr. Cora Collette Breuner, MD, MPH, Seattle Children's Hospital » Play «  
Holistic Senior Care: A discussion of natural, sustainable and holistic health care options for our growing senior population. 09/03/13 Karen Hurley, ND, Bastyr Center for Natural Health

Erin Moody, Owner, Holistic Adult Family Home

» Play «  
Downsizing: A lively discussion to get you ready for a simple, carefree and downsized lifestyle. 08/27/13 Christine Arundell, Professional Organizer

Greg Bartell, Realtor, ReMax Metro Realty & DownsizeNW

» Play «  
Food Day: Plan ahead to celebrate healthy, sustainable, and affordable food for all this October 24, 2013 08/20/13 Lilia Smelkova, National Partnerships, National Food Day Campaign Office

Sheryl Wiser, Communications Manager, Cascade Harvest Coalition

» Play «  
Alternative Schooling Models: A discussion of the atlernative approaches to education and how they affect childhood development. 08/13/13 Peter Berner-Hays, Headmaster, The Little School

Berton Herrlinger, Program Director, Living Montessori

Kim Holscher, Teacher, Three Cedars Waldorf School

» Play «  
Natural Health Education: Explore education in structural integration, massage, and acupuncture which can open up career opportunities in natural health. 08/06/13 Karen Bolesky, M.A., L.M.H.C., L.M.P., LAMP, CSP: Owner, SOMA Institute

Dr. Dirk Hein, PhD, M.Ac (UK), L.Ac, Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM): Founder & Clinic Director, Wuhsing Tao School

» Play «  
Surviving Gluten-Free: A discussion on gluten and gluten-intolerance. A survival guide for those on a gluten-free diet. 07/30/13 Shauna James Ahern, Founder, GlutenFreeGirl.com

Mary Purdy, MS, Registered Dietitian, Nourishing Balance

» Play «  
Sacred Space: What are sacred spaces? How do you find them? An exploration of the spiritual gifts of Earth. 07/23/13 Chuck Pettis, Author of "Secrets of Sacred Space" » Play «  
Pet Psychology & Animal Spirit: Explore our spiritual and emotional connection with pets and animals. 07/09/13 Martha Norwalk, Animal Behaviorist and Host of "Animal World" » Play «  
Natural Pet Care: Give what your best friends deserve. 07/02/13 Julie Forbes, Training & Behavior Specialist » Play «  
Solve the Green Car Myth: Find the best solution for you and Mother Earth. 06/25/13 Greg Rock, Co-founder, The Green Car Company » Play «  
Farmers Market & Us: Find out how Farmers Markets benefit Food Sustainability, Agriculture, and Local Communities 06/18/13 Wade Bennett, Farmer, Rockridge Orchards

Chris Curtis, Director, Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance

» Play «  
Art Fosters Creativity & Healing: Art inspires and changes lives. 06/11/13 Leith Eaton, Artist, Author of "Journey to the Fountain of You", Founder, World Federation of Nations Foundation for World Peace and Global Enlightenment. » Play «  
Midwifery & Doula: Midwifes and doulas have been around for centuries serving expecting mothers and families. Recent WSJ article reported on "healthier births and babies with midwives". Find out more about childbirth with a personal touch. 06/04/13 Heather Paar, C.N.M, A.R.N.P, Swedish Midwifery

Marquita Straus, Doula, Sacred Light Birth Services

» Play «  
Washington Trails: Explore our great outdoors with Washington Trails Association. 05/28/13 Susan Elderkin, Communications and Outreach Director, Washington Trails Association » Play «  
Getting Behind Binge Eating: Explore how our subconscious minds drive uncontrollable eating and what we can do to stop it. 05/21/13 Angela Barrus, Empower Your Life Clinic Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Dr. Kabran Chapek, ND, Amen Clinics

» Play «  
Sacred Sounds: A journey to the mystical world to find out how sacred sounds from native flutes and drums connect us with our spirit, each other and the natural world. 05/14/13 Robin Alexis, Bob Bordonaro, Hosts of Mystic Radio®

Gentle Thunder, Grammy-nominated Musician

» Play «  
Pain Management: Understand the nature of pain and how to manage it naturally. Reach beyond the pain killer bottle for answers. 05/07/13 Dr. Kabran Chapek, ND, Amen Clinics

Dr. Timothy Panah, DC, Exceptional Life Chiropractic

» Play «  
Wastewater Management: From wastewater to resource, the greening of our wastewater treatment. Plus tips to keep our water clean and safe. 04/23/13 Pam  Elardo, Division Director, Annie Kolb Nelson, Communication Specialist, John Phillips, Planner, King County Wastewater Treatment Division » Play «  
Community & Urban Gardening: Learn about the history of Seattle's P-Patch, and the benefits of community gardening. 04/16/13

Melinda Epler, Board Member and Branding Director, P. Patch Trust

Ray Schutte, Expert and advocate of community and urban gardening; past president, P-Patch Trust

» Play «  
Spring Cleaning: Give your health, finance, and relationship a boost this spring by rejuvenating the mind, the body, and the soul. 04/09/13 Keesha Ewers, ARNP, Fern Life Center & Host of Healthy You Radio

Tracey Tobler, Business Coach & Spirit Guide, Awaken To Prosperity

Emily Zillig, Money Relationship Mentor

» Play «  
Allergy Relief Naturally: Stop the itchy eyes and runny noses with natural approaches this season. Learn how herbs, botanicals, acupuncture, and chiropractics may be your solution to seasonal allergies. 04/02/13 Dr. Sheila Kingsbury, Chair of the Botanical Medicine Department, Bastyr University.

Dr. Jyun Shimizu, D.Ac. EAMP, Acupuncture Associates & Wellness Group

Dr. Steven P. Thain, WellnessOne

» Play «  
Composting: Step through the transformation process of trash-to-garden. 03/26/13 Clarissa Allen, Resource Conservation Program Coordinator, Seattle Tilth

Susan Thoman, Director of Public Affairs, Cedar Grove Compost

Carl Woestwin, Landscape Conservation &Waste Prevention team lead, Seattle Public Utilities

» Play «  
Sustainable Foodies: A discussion on locally sourced and sustainability produced food choices. ~ Available 3/21/2013
03/19/13 Brian Cartenuto, Chef, Local 360

Maria Hines, Organic Restaurateur, James Beard and Iron Chef award winner

J’Amy Owens, CEO, Bill the Butcher

» Play «  
All About the Brain: An overview of current technologies & researches on brain injury, natural approaches to brain health, and mental health policies. 03/12/13 Pete Chairelli, CEO, One Mind for Research

Lauren Brown, Amen Clinic Director

» Play «  
What Is Natural Health: A discussion on what natural health means and how the healthcare reform changes the landscape. 03/05/13 Derek Wing, Associate Director of Media, Bastyr University

Dr. Marie Sabine Thomas, ND, LMP, Fellow at Bastyr University Research Institute

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