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Natural Choice Network Show

NCD_ShowWelcome to our weekly show, where Sustainability Comes Live.

Every week, we will be covering current sustainability issues, rotating through our four focus areas: Green Living, Natural Health, Food & Supplements, and Mind & Spirit.

Martha Childress, our host, was born and raised in the Seattle area. She has a deep love and appreciation for the Great Northwest. When she is not out exploring nature, she is busy participating in the many local events. Martha is very much involved with our sustainable communities. She will be bringing you hot discussion topics and fresh ideas every week.

Enjoy the show live every Tue at 12:30p on KKNW 1150AM or Online, or pick from our archive at your leisure.

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  • Talking with Emily Harbich about Farestart: FareStart has been a gift to Seattle since 1987 providing nutritious and delicious food to those in need with its community meals program. Hear how FareStart’s breadth and scope is rapidly expanding and reaching out to other cities around this country, with its Catalyst Kitchens national initiative.

    Emily Olsen Harbich – Member Engagement Manger for Catalyst Kitchens

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  • Farm Fresh from your doorstep to your table: Indulge in the best our regional farms have to offer, even when you can’t make it to the market. Find the best fresh season picks all year long, along with artisan foods that support and encourage Organic Farming and inspire creative recipes, right at your doorstep. Farm to table made easy!

    Andrew Stout and Wendy Munroe, Owners Full Circle Farm and delivery service.

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  • Aquaponics: Learn about the latest developments and energy savings now available with Aquaponics. Create a conscious and sustainable method of food production that combines fish farming and hydroponics to solve the problems of both, while allowing for continuous harvests year round.

    Seth Connell, Founder of Everything Aquaponics, Seattle, WA

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  • Handcrafted Kombucha for the Holidays: Learn about the history and benefits of Kombucha over the ages, as well as how easy it is to handcraft your own!

    Nick Jessen, Kombucha wrangler at Chaco Canyon Organic Café

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  • Ancient Roots and Sacred Healing Gardens: Rayleen Abbott shares her research, insights and experience with ancient healing "Mary Gardens", recipes, sacred flora, the Black Madonna, natural mandalas and fun rituals used to enhance our relationship with Mother Nature… and the intricate web of oneness.

    Rayleen Abbott, Internationally published Author, renowned herbal healer and sacred gardener for over 30 years

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  • Holiday Cooking: What's up at 21 Acres Farm and in the Kitchen this Autumn. 21 Acres truly walks the talk with their “living laboratory” for community sustainability and conscious living out in Woodinville. And they have lots of fun Autumn news, events and activities to share.

    Amanda Bullat, Nutrition & Culinary Education Coordinator at 21 Acres Center for Sustainable Eating, Living, Growing

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  • Apples and Autumn: This show is all about Apples in Autumn, and how apples seem to be a part of the very fabric of this country, from Jonny Appleseed to serving good old fashioned apple pie at Thanksgiving.

    Gil Scheiber, Landscaper and Plantsman with Skipley Farm and Borealis Landscapes

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  • Farmer's Markets: a talk about "what's up" with local farmers and farmer's markets, and how the scene has grown over the years in the puget sound area.

    Ivy Fox, with Seattle Neighborhood Farmer’s Markets, and Market Manager for University District Farmers Market and Columbia City Farmers Market.

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  • 21 Acres: a sustainable campus and "Living Laboratory" for community education, cooking classes, demonstration, events, youth programs, and volunteer opportunities that benefit our entire region.

    Melissa Sokolowsky, Facilities Manager
    Andrew Ely, Youth Farm and Garden Education Coordinator
    Amanda Bullat, Sustainable Food and Nutrition Education Coordinator
    All guests from 21 Acres

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  • Bees: a talk about the vital role Bees play in our environment, and what we can do to help support them in supporting us.

    Heather Wood, founder Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary

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  • Healthy Eating for the New Year: how the self-care of “eating healthy” can improve, support and sustain mind/body/spirit health all through the New Year.

    Dr. Adeola Mead, Naturopathic Doctor of Natural Medicine

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  • Holiday Cooking: Last minute tips for a yummy holiday.

    Don Curtiss, Chef at Volterra Italian Restaurant
    Lois Blanford Rivera, Chef at Chaco Canyon Organic Café

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  • Reducing Food Waste at the Supply Chain: Excess food at the farms. Hungry people on the street. See how volunteers' enthusiastism, brilliant business ideas, and new technologies combine to bridge the gap.

    Roger Gordon, Food Cowboy
    Benjamin Rasmus, Rotary First Harvest

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  • Feed Your Brain: The aging status is against us. Can proper nutrients help us fight back cognitive decline?

    Dr. John Sherman, Tahoma Clinic

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  • Repurposing Food Waste at Retail Level: New technology helps to return more nutrients to the soil while reducing harmful gases and gaining valuable data on food waste.

    Diana Chapman, Sustainability director of PCC Natural Markets

    Larry LeSueur, CEO of WISErg

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  • Summer Berries: The favorite summer treat arrives early this year thanks to the warm and sunny spring. Enjoy.

    Laura Harper, City of Bellevue Parks & Community Services

    Liesl McWhorter, 21 Acres

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  • Raw Food: A refreshing diet for the summer, and all seasons.

    Lillian Butler, Eddie Robinson, raw food restaurant owners from NYC

    Chris Maykut, owner of Chaco Canyon Organic Café

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  • The Food Paradox: So much food gets wasted, so many people go hungry. Hungry is avoidable. How can you help?

    Jennifer Sickenger, Volunteer Engagement Manager at Food Lifeline

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  • New Dietary Guideline: Learn how the new guideline may influence our choices.

    Elizabeth Kimball, Program Manager of the SNAP-Ed program at Public Health - Seattle & King County.

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  • Local Sourcing: Build connections and communities around the joy of food.

    Josh Groff, Managing Partner of Local Burger

    Josh Holmes, Chef and General Manager of Local Burger

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  • A Fresh Food Start: Healthy diet doesn't need to be boring. Healthy juices and smoothies offer endless varieties and lots of fun to add plant-based food to your diet.

    Leslie Woodward, Holistic Nutritionist at Jujubeet

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  • Holiday Cooking: Have a stress-free holiday dinner. Enjoy the company instead.

    Bridget Charters, Director of Hot Stove Society

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  • A Green Halloween: Make green the new orange. Think natural, usable, and creativity. Get tips on having a eco-friendly and healthy celebration.

    Brenda DeVore, CleanScapes

    Monica Garg Sanhai, Eco-Party Time

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  • Preserve the Summer Bounty: A "delicious" discussion of the different methods of food preservation. Get recipe ideas for preserving your favorite foods.

    Aubrey Jenkins, Drum Beets

    Carey Thornton, Seattle Tilth

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  • Food Labeling: Where Are We Now and the 522 Defeat: "Defeated" but not discouraged. Learn about the ongoing initiatives devoted to making our food safe.

    Whitney Riggs, Lable GMOs

    Adrienne Sammuels

    Non GMO Project  Truth In Labeling

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  • Farmer's Market: Tune in for a fresh and delicious treat.

    Kia Armstrong, Manager of Nash’s Organic Produce

    Chris Curtis, Director of the Neighborhood Farmers Markets

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  • Mother's Day Celebration: Show mom you care this Mother's Day. Take her to a restaurant that cares about you, and the environment.

    Don Curtiss, Chef and Owner of Volterra

    Brian Scheehser, Chef of Trellis

    Samsher Singh, Owner of Bombay House

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  • Valentine's Treat: Something special for someone special.

    Angela Cough, Flying Apron

    Sheree Gibson, Karen Meyer, Caffé Ladro

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  • The Benefits of Tea: Tea is rich in antioxidant, an agent to fight free radicals. Through mindful preparation and enjoyment, it can also enrich the souls.

    Neil Buckland, Co-CEO and Founder of Shen Zen Tea

    James Chang, Co-CEO of Shen Zen Tea

    Grace Chang, Bastyr Naturopathic Medical Student and Masters Candidate in Acupuncture

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  • Holiday Cooking: Tips on how to cook up a wonderful meal for all your guests with special diet needs.

    Karen Robertson, Owner of Mama K’s Gluten-Free Bakeryand Author of “Cooking Gluten Free”

    Jeanne Sauvage, Author of “Gluten Free Baking for the Holidays

    Marilyn Wells, Nutrition Editor for PCC Natural Markets

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  • What Is In Your Water? Find out about the properties of water -- pH, antioxidant, and hydration qualities.


    Kim PatrickHoward Phillips, Kangen Snohomish

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  • All About 522: What is GMO and GE? What is 522 and why should you care? An quick overview of I-522.

    Elizabeth Larter, Communications Director of Yes on 522

    Dr. Frank Springob, D.C., and Author of "Bugs In My Brain, Poison On My Plate"

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  • Sustainable Fishery: What does the term mean? What is the environmental impact of eating fish?

    Ray Hilborn, Professor, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of Washington

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  • Food Day: Plan ahead to celebrate healthy, sustainable, and affordable food for all this October 24, 2013

    Lilia Smelkova, National Partnerships, National Food Day Campaign Office

    Sheryl Wiser, Communications Manager, Cascade Harvest Coalition

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  • Surviving Gluten-Free: A discussion on gluten and gluten-intolerance. A survival guide for those on a gluten-free diet.

    Shauna James Ahern, Founder, GlutenFreeGirl.com

    Mary Purdy, MS, Registered Dietitian, Nourishing Balance

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  • Farmers Market & Us: Find out how Farmers Markets benefit Food Sustainability, Agriculture, and Local Communities

    Wade Bennett, Farmer, Rockridge Orchards

    Chris Curtis, Director, Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance

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  • Getting Behind Binge Eating: Explore how our subconscious minds drive uncontrollable eating and what we can do to stop it.

    Angela Barrus, Empower Your Life Clinic Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

    Dr. Kabran Chapek, ND, Amen Clinics

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  • Sustainable Foodies: A discussion on locally sourced and sustainability produced food choices. ~ Available 3/21/2013

    Brian Cartenuto, Chef, Local 360

    Maria Hines, Organic Restaurateur, James Beard and Iron Chef award winner

    J’Amy Owens, CEO, Bill the Butcher

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