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Get tips on minimizing your footprints. You'll find discussions on renewable energy, alternative transportation, green building, sustainable gardening, conscious financing, and recycle/reuse ideas.


Green Car for Dummies 2012

Posted: 05-30-2012 5:36 pm

clip_car_Cartoon_thNot all "green cars" are equally green. Check out our guide for selecting the right eco-friendly car for you. Learn about the differences between hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric cars, and diesel, and their pros and cons. Besides fuel options, be sure to consider size as well. Be a informed car buyer.

U.S. Energy Policy - Accomplishments & Disappointments in 2011

Posted: 11-29-2011 1:05 pm

greenies_1111b_thA review of the accomplishments and disappointments of our major energy policies in 2011. How did we do in offshore drilling, green tech investments, clean coal, and fuel economy standards?

Energy Efficient Lighting 101

Posted: 08-09-2011 2:10 pm

Greenies_0811_thOne hundred and thirty-two years after its invention, new energy-saving standards for the light bulb have finally arrived! Recent legislation requires that all new light bulbs use at least 27 per cent less energy than taditional incandescent bulbs, which are scheduled to be phased out by 2014. Here is a primer on your lighting options. See if Compact Fluorescent (CFL), LED, or Halogen work better for you.

Did Japan's Nuclear Catastrophe Pave the Way for Renewable Energy Development?

Posted: 06-02-2011 2:32 pm

Nuclear Power_thJust a few short months ago, a massive earthquake and tsunami wreaked havoc on the nation of Japan. In addition to the lives lost, and homes and businesses that were destroyed, the disaster triggered a nuclear meltdown of the country's Fukushima nuclear power plant. Is this a wake-up call for other nations to consider alternative green energy options?

Five Tips for Urban Bike Commuters

Posted: 05-12-2011 2:39 pm

Cycling_thBiking can have a profoundly positive impact on the environment, your health and the economy. Here are some tips for cyclists commuting in an urban area.

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