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Heart at Home, Creating Your Green Home Sanctuary

Posted: 06-11-2015 2:24 pm

Blog0615_HomeSanctuary_Eng_sm“Home is where the heart is”. Making your home a sanctuary entails more than having certain furniture pieces or even arranging them in a certain way. It means being able to come home and be at peace. Here are some tips for you to create your sanctuary.

Urban Gardens: Livability and Sustainability Can Go Hand-in-Hand

Posted: 03-18-2014 3:02 pm

Blog0314_Singapore_Lake_thA case study of livability with sustainability from the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Urban gardens are essential to urban communities. They may come in many different forms reflecting on local culture, preferences, needs, and city plans. But regardless of the format, sustainability can be part of the design.

Downsizing Trends

Posted: 09-18-2013 5:18 pm

art14_Downsize_thDownsizeing is becoming a real estate phenomenon. As baby boomers head for retirement, they are shedding excess space, like the generations of retirees before them. But unlike their predessors, the specific lifestyles of today's retirees demand special types of retirement housing. Take a look at today's emerging trends and the housing options available for the retiring boomers.

Natural Choice Show: Downsizing

Posted: 09-05-2013 2:03 pm

NCD_Show_th210,000 boomers are celebrating their 65th birthday everyday for the next 15 years. These new retirees and empty nesters are setting a unique house hunting trend - smaller homes. Home is where our heart is, not where our stuff is. Are you ready for a simple, carefree and downsized lifestyle?

The Yin-Yang Dance of Relationships

Posted: 02-26-2013 5:45 pm

Art13_5Element_Relationship_thUnderstanding the qualities of each of the five elements referenced in the art of feng shui ... allows invaluable insights into the dynamics of your relationships. Immerse yourself fully in the transformative energy today.

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