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Tread Lightly. Conserve Our Resources.

Get tips on minimizing your footprints. You'll find discussions on renewable energy, alternative transportation, green building, sustainable gardening, conscious financing, and recycle/reuse ideas.


Enhancing Relationship Energy with Feng Shui

Posted: 02-13-2013 1:15 pm

Art13_Roses_thFeng Shui is the Chinese art of placement based on the premise that people live healthy and happy lives when they live in harmoniously designed homes. One of the most important rooms in your home is the bedroom. Not only is it a place for rest and relaxation, the bedroom also represents romance and relationship energy. Here are four tips to enhance your love energy in the bedroom.

Feng Shui: The Five Factors

Posted: 09-11-2012 3:40 pm

Art12_FengShui_thWe can't control everything in our lives. But we can control feng shui which can in turn bring positive changes in our lives, the author suggests. A fun reading about destiny.

Saving the Old: My Green Home Remodeling Project

Posted: 08-23-2012 2:45 pm

Blog0812_Fam_thSaving the Old, reinterpret an old living space to fit into modern time is the virtue of green home remodeling. This real life example shows that we can have the best of both worlds.

Rightsize Your Home for the Life You Want to Live

Posted: 08-16-2012 2:07 pm

Blog0812_RightSizeHome_thRight-sizing is the first step in building green. Besides ridding your mind of unnecessary cluster, rightsizing can conserve materials, energy and natural resources. This is a guide to consume less & live more, and make the earth greener along the way. Rightsize your home and your life.

A Dream Home Come True

Posted: 08-15-2012 4:43 pm

Art12_DreamHome_thLearn from a green builder's experience in constructing his own dream home. See the application of green building concepts, including local sourcing, reduce/reuse/recycle, use of natural sunlight for lighting and temperature control, use of insulation, window and screening for energy efficiency, selection of interior finish for air quality and comfort, as well as sustainable landscaping.

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