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Tread Lightly. Conserve Our Resources.

Get tips on minimizing your footprints. You'll find discussions on renewable energy, alternative transportation, green building, sustainable gardening, conscious financing, and recycle/reuse ideas.


Create a Bird Friendly Garden

Posted: 02-08-2017 5:57 pm

bird on branchWhy not make your garden more welcoming to birds, increasing your enjoyment – and theirs? Birds use garden plants all season long for feeding, bathing, sleeping and raising their young. By adding plants and garden features you can support our small feathered friends while enjoying four seasons of entertainment right in your own backyard!

ECOtherapy in the Garden - Nourish Mind, Body, Soul and Soil

Posted: 02-08-2017 5:32 pm

flowerGardening is like life. Sometimes it is the journey and not the destination that really stays close to our hearts with the passing of time. As human beings we are, and have been, meant to be caretakers. Tending to a plot of earth can open up doors to aspects of ourselves we never realized.

A Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Gardening

Posted: 04-24-2015 1:15 pm

Blog0415_gardenguide_thOrganic gardening is not as difficult as it may appear. The motto is to work in harmony with nature. The experience can be richly rewarding.

Show: Outdoor Pest Control

Posted: 05-05-2014 3:14 pm

NCD_Show_th2Chemical pest control substances contaminate our soil and water. Besides damaging our environment, exposure to hazardous chemical also has an adverse effect on our health. Save our environment, save ourselves by using natural pest control.

Show: Hydroponics, Sustainable Urban Gardening

Posted: 03-20-2014 4:25 pm

NCD_Show_th2By growing plants in water, hydroponics offer an efficient way to grow nutritious food in a compact environment. Hydroponics is a solution to local fresh organic food distributed in a sustainable manner.

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