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Tread Lightly. Conserve Our Resources.

Get tips on minimizing your footprints. You'll find discussions on renewable energy, alternative transportation, green building, sustainable gardening, conscious financing, and recycle/reuse ideas.


Natural Choice Show: Community & Urban Gardening

Posted: 04-16-2013 3:07 am

NCD_Show_th2On Air - Community & Urban Gardening: Learn about the history of Seattle's P-Patch, and the benefits of community gardening. Let it bloom this season.

Meadows: An Eco-Friendly Alternative To High Maintenance Lawns

Posted: 08-28-2012 3:30 pm

Blog0812_Meadows_thManicured lawns are resource-intensive. Landscape irrigation is estimated to account for almost one-third of all residential water use, totaling more than 7 billion gallons per day. Now meadow gardens are back in style. Meadows are low maintenance, eco-friendly, and yes beautiful as well. See how you can have a natural Sanctuary at Home.

Growing Organic Garden Made Easy

Posted: 07-24-2012 2:40 pm

Art12_OrganicGardening_thPlanting Organically: In the last post, we talked about growing our own veggies (hopefully organically). To get started, here is more on organic gardening, including guides on soil treatment, wildlife habitat, food gardening, and urban garden. Happy digging.

4 Easy Landscaping Practices That Conserve Water

Posted: 04-17-2012 2:08 pm

Blog0412_LandscapeWaterConservation_thBeautiful landscape does not necessarily require running the sprinkler for hours every day. Through adequate planning, such as plant selection and garden design, plus some periodica maintenance, we can enjoy a lush garden while conserving water.

Spring Pruning Tips

Posted: 03-28-2012 2:40 pm

Blog0312_Pruning_thCut, cut, oops: Here are some spring pruning tips. Consider your goals before picking up the shears.

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