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Start your healthy routine with our tips on fitness and weight management, natural healing, and special care such as women's health, cancer care, brain injury treatment, and pain management.


Natural Skincare with Alternative Medicine

Posted: 09-17-2015 6:01 pm

NCD_Show_th2OTC medication may offer immediate relief to your skin problems by suppressing the symptoms. Alternative medicine and TCM provides long-term solutions that tackle the underlying health problems.

Summer Sun, Vitamin D and You

Posted: 08-05-2015 4:44 pm

Blog0815_SunVitD_Sun_thIs the sun a friend, foe or possible both? While sun exposure can pose health dangers such as skin diseases and cancers,  it can also come with many health benefits, particularly, the opportunity to increase one’s vitamin D levels. Finding the healthy balance is the key.

Hidden Dangers of Unhealthy Gums

Posted: 05-13-2015 1:47 pm

Blog0515_GumHealth_thOur overall health originates from our mouths. Gum health not only gives us a beauty smile, but a HEALTHY beautiful smile.

Pamper Your Skin - Make Easy Lotion

Posted: 12-16-2014 7:46 pm

Making lotions at home is easy and economical. Blending the base lotion with essential oils or other oils gives you endless options.

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