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Start your healthy routine with our tips on fitness and weight management, natural healing, and special care such as women's health, cancer care, brain injury treatment, and pain management.


Obesity's Emotional Toll: It's a Big Fat Shame

Posted: 06-12-2012 2:27 pm

Blog0612_EmotionObesity_th"The only weight problem I have is the problem that other people have with my weight" speaks volume to the issue we have as a society. A paradigm shift is needed. Weight discrimination dampens our efforts to build a stronger, healthier nation.

Holistic Weight Management

Posted: 06-05-2012 2:07 pm

clip_scale_thAs a nation, we are obsessed with weight management. Why then is obesity an epidemic in this country? Find summary statistics on obesity and an overview of weight management issues. Managing weight is more than looking pretty. Weight affects our physical health, our ability to function, and unfortunately our psychology. This month, we will explore this issue and offer some helpful tips.

Calories In/Calories Out & Aerobic Exercise: Two Flawed Theories for Weight Loss

Posted: 01-31-2012 2:34 pm

Fat Loss: Ever wonder why with all the sweat the scale is still not tipping the right way? Dr. Lecovin explained the flaws of common weight loss theories and provided tips for fat burning.

The Key to Obesity May Be in Your Gut

Posted: 10-18-2011 2:40 pm

health_1011_thInner beauty can literally be the foundation for outer beauty! Experiments reveal that gut flora may reduce the risk of obesity.

An Introduction to Forrest Yoga

Posted: 09-06-2011 3:20 pm

Looking for an option to more traditional yoga forms? Check out Forrest Yoga.

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