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Start your healthy routine with our tips on fitness and weight management, natural healing, and special care such as women's health, cancer care, brain injury treatment, and pain management.


Reflexology for Better Health

Posted: 04-14-2015 6:56 pm

Blog0415_Reflexology_thReflexology is an alternative treatment that applies alternating pressure on reflexes located on the microcosms (maps) of the body found on the feet, hands and outer ears. Reflexology has reportedly helped to alleviate symptoms, and sometimes causes, of a wide variety of ailments. Learn what to expect in a session and how to find a qualified reflexologist.

Mens Health Matters: How to Get Him to Talk About It

Posted: 06-12-2014 3:26 am

man220_thYou don’t hear a lot of men talking about health and wellbeing. But men's health matters. Tips on how to get men to talk about it.

Show: Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Posted: 01-30-2014 1:31 pm

NCD_Show_th2Biofeedback and neuro-feedback help patients identify physiological tensions or brain activities that are causing health issues. Patients can learn to release these tensions to improve health.  The therapies can also be used to optimize health and improve performance.

Secrets of Our Eyes: Iridology & Sclerology

Posted: 01-21-2014 12:19 pm

Art14_Iridology_Eye_thEyes are not only window to our soul, they are window to our health as well. Iridology and sclerology are diagnostic tools to help identify genetic tendencies to potential health challenges and illness. Natural remedies can be used to support the weak links and promote balanced health.

Show: New Year "Evoluation"

Posted: 01-09-2014 12:20 pm

NCD_Show_th2Our thoughts create our perceived reality. We can condition our mind to create the right environment for healing. So this year, instead of trying to find greener pasture elsewhere, look within for our physical and mental wellbeing.

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