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Are Your Shoes "Killing" More than Your Feet?

Posted: 02-09-2018 4:46 pm

feet happyGetting Relief from Foot and Other Musculoskeletal Pain Naturally.

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. When structure and function of feet are compromised, everything above is also at risk.

Natural Beauty with Non-Toxic and Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Posted: 02-09-2018 12:54 pm

non surgical face liftHow to look years younger, without Toxic Chemicals or Painful surgery.

Nowadays, it’s common to notice “un-natural” looking plastic surgery or the lack of “natural” movement or loss of expression in Botox injected faces. There are many less common natural and non-surgical treatments for Anti-Aging, but many people are not aware of them.  And the best thing about using natural treatments for anti-aging, is the results look natural too!

Chinese Medicine for Treating Atopic Eczema

Posted: 07-16-2015 6:26 pm

Blog0715_Eczema_CoverFace_thAtopic eczema can manifest in different presentations, each of which represents a different health condition and so requires a specific treatment approach. Careful diagnosis and the use of Chinese medicine can yield long-term results.

TMJ Disorders Explained

Posted: 02-03-2015 1:34 pm

Blog0215_TMJ_Pain_thTMJ disorders occur when your jaw joints don’t function properly. You may notice that your bite is a bit off, or a popping sound when you chew. That means your disc is out of alignment. Your dentist can help you identify treatment options.

How does RIFE therapy work?

Posted: 01-04-2015 9:56 pm

RIFE therapy can be summarized as electronic antibiotic. It uses germicidal frequencies, called Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MORs), to test for illness.

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