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Treating Skin Disorder with Chinese Medicine for Long-Lasting Results

Posted: 10-21-2014 4:13 pm

Blog0215_SkinDisorder_thOver-the-counter medicine may provide immediate relief to red, itchy, and scaly skin. However, the effect can be short lived. Chinese medicine treats the underlying rebalance to produce gradual improvement for long-lasting results.

Men's Health: Andropause and Testosterone Therapy

Posted: 06-12-2014 3:53 pm

Blog0614_Andropause_thAndropause refers to the decline in testosterone production as men age. Chronic illness starts to increase at this time as well.  There are possible treatments to help maintain health and quality of life.

Natural Choice Show: Oxygen to Treat Brain Injury

Posted: 10-31-2013 2:32 pm

NCD_Show_th2On Air - Brain Injury Treatment: Listen to the groundbreaking work in using oxygen to treat traumatic brain injury.

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