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International Paella

Posted: 02-21-2012 1:47 pm

menu_0212_paella_thNo-waste no-sweat dinner: Borrowing from the paella concept, this recipe lets you make the best out of your leftovers in no time.

Let's Begin Again: Rejuvenate After the Decadent Holidays

Posted: 01-12-2012 1:54 pm

menu_0112_thIt is time to deleverage from the holidays. A bit of cleansing and a dose of healthy food can help to kick off a healthy year. A year full of energy, vitality & good health. Tips on holiday detox and cleansing.

Creating Healthy Meals with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Posted: 11-17-2011 12:36 pm

menu_1111e_thThe feast, the wine, the laughter, ..., then a full fridge of leftovers! Get some creative ideas on how to deal with the holiday excess healthily.

Lentil + Chard + Pasta = Power Vegetarian Meal

Posted: 09-27-2011 6:12 pm

menu_0911b_thLentil and swiss chard, 2 powerful ingredients for vegetarian dishes, make a well-balanced and delicious  meal.

Mushroom Tofu with Soba

Posted: 07-28-2011 1:14 pm

Menu_0711_thumbI love mushrooms, any kind. I subscribe to the Provisions Mushroom Farm CSA program, and I truly look forward to my weekly allotment of delicious, fresh mushrooms.

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