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Festive Winter Beverages To Keep Your Organic Spirits Bright

Posted: 12-18-2012 2:42 pm

Blog1212_Beverage_Cocktail_thHave fun while helping the environment and the local economy. This holiday, rid the chemicals and choose organic beverages. Here are some beverage suggestions, including spirits, wines and beers that are made with healthy seasonal ingredients from local farmers. Cheers!

Wine & The Matrix

Posted: 08-30-2012 2:21 pm

Blog0812_Wine1_thA glass of wine over lunch: Correct or stupid? Healthy or intoxicating? Does our culture cloud the way we view wine? Rather than viewing wine as the sum of its pharmacological properties, treat it as food and focus on its flavor and aroma.Enjoy it while consuming it in control.

Smoothie with a Kick

Posted: 08-02-2012 3:28 pm

Blog0812_CoffeeSmoothie_thSmoothie with a Kick: Get a cold blast and a morning boost with this coffee banana smoothie.

Beer & Other Formerly Forbidden Foods

Posted: 07-03-2012 6:04 pm

Blog0712_Beer_thHave a Beer for America: Contrary to common belief, beer is GOOD for the heart - that is, if it is consumed in moderation. Cheers, U.S.A.!

Papaya Smoothie, an Antioxidant Boost

Posted: 09-22-2011 2:37 pm

menu_0911_thPapaya is an acquired tasted. This tropical fruit is packed with nutrients and is believed to have cancer prevention capabilities. This recipe smooths out its musky taste. You can enjoy a delicious drink while packing in all the antioxidants.

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