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Stick A Fork in My Child's Picky Eating Habits?

Posted: 09-27-2015 1:05 pm

Blog0915_PickyEater_NotEat_thSome choosy eating is a part of normal child development. It may be of concern if the behavior is consistent. A look at how picky eating affects a child's mental and physical health, and guideline for healthy eating.

Canning: Keep Your Summer Year Round

Posted: 09-24-2015 5:22 pm

blog0915_canning_pickle_thCanning is a wonderful way to preserve the season's offerings at the height of its freshness without sacrificing taste and nutrition. Canning also helps to reduce food waste by keeping excess food that cannot be consumed during harvest out of landfills.

A New Life for Food Waste

Posted: 07-30-2015 3:10 pm

Blog0715_FoodWaste_Intro_th40% of food produced in the US was wasted while 14% of households were food insecure, and green house gas emitted from food waste was damaging our environment. An introduction to a series of articles on reducing food waste at the consumer level.

Raw food! ...Get your raw food!

Posted: 06-04-2015 4:38 am

Blog0615_RawRood_Taco_thA raw food diet focuses on eating raw or consuming food heated to no more than 120F. Raw foodies believe that cooking destroys enzymes and nutrients in food. There are benefits and disadvantages of a raw food diet.

The Upcoming 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Posted: 04-09-2015 6:20 pm


The Dietary Guidelines are due to be updated in 2015. Beyond dietary recommendations, the advisory committee is addressing social and environmental issues surrounding food choices. Awareness is power.

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