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Raw food! ...Get your raw food!

Posted: 06-04-2015 4:38 am

Blog0615_RawRood_Taco_thA raw food diet focuses on eating raw or consuming food heated to no more than 120F. Raw foodies believe that cooking destroys enzymes and nutrients in food. There are benefits and disadvantages of a raw food diet.

The Upcoming 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Posted: 04-09-2015 6:20 pm


The Dietary Guidelines are due to be updated in 2015. Beyond dietary recommendations, the advisory committee is addressing social and environmental issues surrounding food choices. Awareness is power.

The Secret of Achieving New Year Resolutions

Posted: 01-27-2015 2:42 am

Blog0115_NewYearResolution_thStatistics show that over 35% of people would have given up their new year resolution after 1 month. So what is the secret for keeping and achieving your new year resolutions?

Five Reasons for Preparing Your Own Baby Food

Posted: 12-23-2014 10:36 pm

Preparing your own baby food gives you control of what your baby is eating. With the many kitchen appliances available today, you can easily make healthy and nutritious food for your baby.

Health Risks of Non-stick Cookware

Posted: 12-23-2014 1:41 pm

Research shows that certain non-stick cookware can pose health risk. As most common appliances are made with non-stick surfaces, new alternative have emerged.

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