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Mind and Spirit - Empowerment


Your Mind is Your Sanctuary. Enrich its Every Corner.

Take an indepth look at research and case studies on empowerment, mind-body healing, and spirituality.


Show: Female Empowerment

Posted: 04-10-2014 7:31 pm

NCD_Show_th2An insightful discussion on female empowerment. One can learn to stop feeling like a victim and start making positive changes in life.

Show: Align New Year Resolution With Your Desire

Posted: 01-23-2014 1:32 pm

NCD_Show_th2An attainable new year resolution is one that is aligned with your desire. Take time to discover your true aspiration.

Delusion, Dissolution, Clarity

Posted: 01-31-2013 7:56 pm

Delusion, Dissolution, Clarity: See past the delusion and seek clarify as we start our journey in 2013. A practitioner explores the process.

Ten Principles to Live By: Going Beyond the Ego

Posted: 01-29-2013 6:08 pm

Going Beyond the Ego: Let go of the ego. Follow these principles to lead a genuine life.

Finding Life Purpose: How's That for a New Year's Resolution?

Posted: 01-22-2013 2:02 pm

Blog0113_LifePurpose_th Many believe that having life purposes provide meanings to life that can help us face life challenges with resilience. Do you agree? Many new year resolutions fade. Would you like to have a resolution that have a life-long effect? How about starting your journey to find your life purpose now?

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