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Mind and Spirit - Spirituality


Your Mind is Your Sanctuary. Enrich its Every Corner.

Take an indepth look at research and case studies on empowerment, mind-body healing, and spirituality.


Psychic Navigator: Your Never-Ending Guidance

Posted: 09-12-2012 3:12 pm

We are all psychics! Expand your intuition, and have faith in your abilities. John Holland - renowned psychic medium, author, teacher - explains in the article.

What is Shamanism?

Posted: 05-24-2012 2:09 pm

What is Shamanism: A century-old concept that is still being practiced now. The author interprets shamanism in today's environment.

Space Clearing: Giving Yourself and Your Space an Edge

Posted: 05-17-2012 2:01 pm

Space Clearing: An ancient practice that is still in use today to help create vibrant, nurturing home and business spaces that promote comfortable, prosperous lives.

Vasanas: The Gifts that Show Us the Way

Posted: 03-15-2012 3:10 pm

Healing From Within: Do you feel the weight of your past? Get inspiration from Rev. Redmond's path to finding God and healing.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Posted: 02-23-2012 2:27 pm

Ever feel lost and not quite yourself? Spiritual wellness is an integral part of our overall health and well-being. Shamanic healing may be what you need to achieve spiritual balance.

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