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Mind and Spirit


Your Mind is Your Sanctuary. Enrich its Every Corner.

Take an indepth look at research and case studies on empowerment, mind-body healing, and spirituality.


Bipolar Disorder: A Diagnosis is Not a Life Time Sentence

Posted: 04-11-2014 1:55 pm

Art14_BipolarDisorder_th"Doctors have pondered the connection between our mental and physical health for centuries", opened NIHMedlinePlus's discussion on Mind-Body Connection. Our medical view on mind and body has swung  like a pendulum. The century-old belief that mind affects health was overpowered by new scientific discoveries  of germs and western medicine in the 19th and 20th century. As the mystery of health unfold, many doctors now believe that behavioral disorder may have biological basis, while physical health may be influenced by mental and spiritual factors. The following article is a personal story  of healing by focusing on mental and spiritual practices.

Show: Female Empowerment

Posted: 04-10-2014 7:31 pm

NCD_Show_th2An insightful discussion on female empowerment. One can learn to stop feeling like a victim and start making positive changes in life.

Show: The Soul of Money

Posted: 03-13-2014 3:19 pm

NCD_Show_th2As many of us already know that money cannot buy happiness, why not align our financial decisions with our goals. Let Let our soul carry our financial matters. Tune In for an energetic discussion of money.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble and What To Do About It

Posted: 02-12-2014 2:00 pm

Blog0214_RelationshipHelp_SadCouple_thEven the best relationships need tending. Learn how to look for signs that your relationship may be in trouble. Understand what makes a relationship work for the long term and be open to get help.

Show: Tips for Finding Lasting Love

Posted: 02-12-2014 1:58 am

NCD_Show_th2A successful relationship starts with oneself. Healing the emotions within and keeping an open mind to possibilities are key to starting a relationship. Practical tips for finding lasting love.

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