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Golden Lotus Spiritual Heaing offers "consciousness healing” by women who have been highly trained to find the source of your challenges and completely heal them. At Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing we offer healing sessions, aura and chakra balancing, spiritual counseling, life path readings, animal healing, classes, seminars, retreats, and Earth healing events.


Our work is gentle, yet deeply profound and transformational. We work at each person's deepest soul level, all levels of the mind, heart and physical body. Every session is a co-creation guided by the soul of our client and our highest guidance.

We have successfully worked on physical conditions, such as, Parkinson’s, migraines, stroke recovery, chronic pain, cancer, TBI, ADHD, tumors, chronic fatigue, weight loss and much more. We have helped people recover from emotional conditions, such as, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, grief and loss, PTSD and more. We have supported clients with full healing of mental issues, including, chronic fears, mental blocks, outdated belief systems and identity pieces. Our favorite work of all is the Soul level work that we do with each person. We have facilitated with Spiritual Awakening, past life healing, understanding and resolving karmic issues, breaking soul contracts, healing karmic relationships and assisting in the Soul Level Ascension Process. In every session, we work on all four aspects of our client -mind, body, heart and soul.


What You Can Expect From Working With Us

Each and every life is important. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to completely heal and become the best person they can be. Believe it or not your most natural states of being are:

Joy and Happiness
Peace of Mind
Comfort in your own body
Calmness in Your Spirit
Success in Your Life
Harmony in Your Relationships
Enthusiasm for your daily Existence
Love as your baseline state of being
Beginnings of true Enlightenment for many of you

If you are ready for your life to work in all areas, come in for a session and lets get started.


Spiritual & Healing Classes With Jacquie

Energy Management Techniques
Spiritual & Healing Tools
Meditation Training

Individual & Space Clearings With Jacquie

Clearing Negative Energies From Your Body & Energy Bodies
Home, Property & Work Space Clearings
Consecrating & Creating A Sacred Space In Your Home, Property & Work Space

We have some fabulous guided meditation CDs and E-books available for purchase.


Guided Meditation CDs By Kathryn Keeton

Rainbow Healing Meditation - Clears and balances chakras and auric field
Higher Self Meditation - Helps you to integrate your Higher Self into your daily life
Creation & Manifestation Meditation - Teaches you how to use your consciousness to create your dreams
Spirit Guides & Angels Meditation - Introduces you to your personal guides and angels
Expansion of Consciousness Meditation - Assists you in learning to expand your consciousness so that you can live in more of your true self
DNA for Joy Meditation - Heals what is blocking your Joy and activates your DNA for Joy


E-Books By Kathryn Keeton

What is Spiritual Healing?
The Energy Systems
What is Consciousness?
Healing to Wholeness
Spirit Guides and Angels
Who Are the Ascended Masters?
How I Met Djwhal Khul - Presence - “Radical Presence” Meditation
Mother Mary Answers Prayers Through Me - Meditation on Faith
Your Home Awaits You
How I Met Archangel Raphael - Meditation for Healing
My Meeting With and Transmission From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Psychic Surgery for Hip Repair
My Grandmother Rust Communicates With Me As She Is Passing
My Grandfather Rust Passing With His Usual Flare

Check out our website for our Monthly Messages of hope, inspiration and education. Or email Jacquie for direct delivery to your inbox each month at


Conversation With A Goddess To Heal Mother Earth

If you and your community are interested in learning how to heal Mother Earth locally or globally, you may want to train with Kathryn Keeton.

Kathryn’s commitment to healing Mother Earth and teaching individuals and communities to restore balance to their home region is immense. Under the guidance of Mother Earth and her Spiritual Teachers, Kathryn will come to your area to work with a large or small group to address whatever Earth issues you are currently facing.


"We are in a very Sacred Time on Mother Earth. Our choices every day are determining our short term and long term outcomes. I believe that the challenges that we are facing at this time are encouraging us or forcing us to grow into our full spiritual potential. Learning to work directly with Mother Earth requires that you learn how to work fully with your own consciousness. She can teach you about the actual miracles that we can create when we come together with each other and Spirit in service to Her.” - Kathryn

Wherever you are on your Spiritual Journey, Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing and Conversation With A Goddess are here to support you in living your dharma, discovering your service work and achieving your highest dreams and aspirations.

We are able to do our healing work and training long distance. Wherever you are around the world, we can provide you the service you need.
(408) 393-1157

Love Our World
Complete Self Healing

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