John August Rau, DDS, LAC

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John August Rau, DDS, LAC

Holistic Dentistry Acupuncturist (Alternative Medicine) – Primary Dental Care Multi-discipline referral source mercury-free dentistry since 1980 Ultrasonographyy and biopsy service scenar biofeedback.


DDS: Univ of Washington, Seattle 1968

MA: Antioch Univ Int'l, Yellow Springs OH 1982

Interdisciplinary studies in East-West medicine

BSAc/LAc: Sino-American Medical Rehab Assoc SAMRA Los Angeles CA 1981 cert. Heillongjiang Province College of Traditional Chinese medicine, Harbin China 1997, 1998, 1999 cert. Functional Orthodontics - IAO - Merle Loudon, DDS mentor Dietrich Klinghardt MD: ART-I/II, NT-A, NT-B 2000, 2001 Jerald Tennant MD: Scenar I & II 2003

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John August Rau, DDS, LAC
509 Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98101 (Downtown)
(206) 622-2380

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