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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™ Allan offers Rolfing® Structural Integration, and visceral and cranial manipulation. Rolfing® Structural Integration: Rolfing® is a process of change conceived to free individuals from the physical and emotional results of stress, injury, and long-term strains.

A Rolfer systematically works the body's connective tissue, or fascia, to release strain and tension patterns that have accumulated over time from physical or emotional stresses and traumas. His goal is to instill order and improve balance and alignment.

With Rolfing, an individual often feels relief of chronic tension or body pain, improvement in athletic performance, greater ease in movement, clarity in living, or simply an increased sense of general well-being.


Visceral and Cranial Manipulation: Both modalities complement Rolfing by facilitating access to realms of the body not addressed in the traditional Rolfing approach.

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