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Sustainable Living Headlines & Articles: March 2014

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Industry Headlines

Chipotle May Drop Guacamole From its Menu

In its SEC filing, Chipotle cited climate change as a risk factor to its business. The increased weather volatility is a threat to ingredient prices and availability. The chain may need to drop guacamole and certain types of salas on its menu if there is a significant price hike for avocado.

CDC Acknowledges that Overuse of Antibiotics Can Be Lethal

In the analysis of the prescription practices of hospitals in 2010 and 2011, CDC found that antibiotics are often overused. The practice can post danger to patients and help create superbugs that are drug resistant.

The Nutrition Label Makeover

In light of the continued struggle with chronic diseases and obesity, the FDA unveiled a makeover for the nutrition label. The proposed label aims to bring attention to items such as calories, added sugars, and serving sizes. The proposal is now over for public comment.

"Yoga Mat" Chemical Found in Nearly 500 Foods

ADA, a chemical foaming agent, was found in many food items in the US, including those from well-known brands. The chemical was promoted as a dough conditioner and approved for usage by the FDA as a food additive in the early 1960s. The WHO has linked ADA to increase risk of respiratory and skin irritation issues. It was not approved for use in the EU or Australia.

Increase in Adult Usage of ADHD Drugs

Between 2008 to 2012, the use of ADHD medications rose 35.5%. The drugs are commonly prescribed to teenage boys. Now more young women than girls is taking the medication, measured as a percentage of its age group. As This may be the result of more accurate diagnosis, mis-diagnosis, or an increase in off-label use.