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Show: Hydroponics, Sustainable Urban Gardening

NCD_ShowHydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient-rich water, instead of soil. Just water or an inert medium like coconut husk can be used as an anchor. Hydroponics offers a great solution to get fresh and local produce for city dwellers who lack the space and/or growing conditions for traditional soil gardening.

In traditional soil gardening, soil provides essential nutrients for plant growth. The soil nutrients first dissolve in water for plants absorption. The concept in hydroponics is to introduce these nutrients directly into the water in which plants are grown, thus eliminates the need for the soil.

Some of the Benefits of Hydroponic Gardens Include

  • High-yielding crops as plant roots have easy access to nutrients and oxygen
  • Can be organized in a compact and controlled environment suitable for urban gardening
  • Less issues with diseases which often come from soil, hence less need for herbicides or pesticides
  • Environmentally-friendly production with less water usage and agricultural discharge. Water is recycled in a recovery type of hydroponics system.
  • Local, fresh and clean produce means saving on transportation and washing water

Tune In to start your own hydroponics garden this spring.

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