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Show: Outdoor Pest Control

NCD_ShowGiving your garden some TLC in the spring can save you a lot of headache down the road, not to mention the reward of having a lush summer garden. But spring cleanup is not without work. Many people take the easy way out by heading to the store and load up on super "-icides" and fertilizers that promise quick-fixes. Is that a good idea?

Conventional wisdom says that there is no easy way out on anything we do. Quick fixes normally come with caveats. Lawn care is no exception. For instance, pest killers can kill bad bugs as well as good bugs that are beneficial to your garden. At the same time, many of these lawn care products contain chemicals that contaminate our soil and water. Besides damaging our environment, exposure to hazardous chemicals endangers our health.

Blog0514_NatPestControlHere are some words of wisdom from Sue Hartman and Lisa Neihaus, our guests this week, about going natural with your garden.

  • Be tolerant. Moss doesn't need to be your enemy. If the environment is more suitable for moss, let nature build you a moss garden. More people are embracing natural landscape today.
  • Be patient. Nature has a way to find a happy equilibrium. As our guests describe it, the rise in one bug may not be long-lasting as it will give rise to a predator which will naturally control it. So sit back and let nature works its magic.
  • Be diverse. Use companion planting to attract beneficial insects or improve soil composition for your plant community.
  • Be creative and try out unconventional methods. Reflective mulch anyone?

Tune In to get a natural start on your spring gardening.

Photo by: Killarney Forest HDR by Nicholas Raymond

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