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Welcome to our weekly show, where Sustainability Comes Live. Every week, we will be covering current sustainability issues, rotating through our four focus areas: Green Living, Natural Health, Food & Supplements, and Mind & Spirit.


Martha Childress, our host, was born and raised in the Seattle area. She has a deep love and appreciation for the Great Northwest. When she is not out exploring nature, she is busy participating in the many local events. Martha is very much involved with our sustainable communities. She will be bringing you hot discussion topics and fresh ideas every week.


Darielle Archer, our co-host, was born West Virginia and raised in the Seattle area. Her love of travel from the jungles of Costa Rica to Tibet and an appreciation for the West Coast has led her on many journeys.  She feels that Natural Health, nature, working with animals and Mind/Spirit connection helped her heal from being struck by lightning.


Author of “The Thriving Code and “Too Many Negative People”, she is busy researching, writing and participating in the many local events. Darielle is deeply involved with those finding ways to help people, animals and our environment improve. Her unique talents and experience allow her to bring exciting discussion topics twice a month to you.

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Enjoy the show live every Tue at 12:30p on KKNW 1150AM Seattle/Bellevue or Online, or listen from our archives at your leisure.