Listing of natural health and alternative medicine practitioners, clinics and health centers. These health care providers offer holistic treatment and services in many disciplines and modalities, such as manipulative and body-based practices (e.g. chiropractic, rolfing), whole medical systems (e.g. traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine), and energy medicines. Practitioners with multiple specialties are cross-listed in different categories.



Acupressure practitioners. Acupressure is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the body consists of meridians which are pathways through which life energy, qi, flows. Acupuncture points, or acupoint, exist along the meridians. They are associated with and can affect specific organs or parts of the body. Acupressure practitioners, like in acupuncture, stimulate these acupoints by applying pressure, except that it is done with fingers and hands rather than needles. The goal is to facilitate the flow of qi and stimulate self-healing.

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