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Posted: 02-09-2018 6:32 pm

vinegarMaking your own home cleaning products is greener, cheaper, healthier . . . and EASY!Cleaning product manufacturers in North America can call their ingredients a “trade secret,” so they don’t have to list them all on the box. And if they won’t tell you what is in the box (up to 400 ingredients for laundry detergent), how can you make an informed decision on what is safe.

The Clean Water Foundation Brings Hope to the Hopi and Children all Over the World

Posted: 02-09-2018 6:10 pm

cwf waterThe Clean Water Foundation was founded by Leon McLaughlin, a Seattle shoeshine operator who was convinced one person can make a difference in a child’s life.It all started when Leon McLaughlin was traveling through Mexico and met a woman who told him about a previous American visitor. The visitor had drained her bathtub of standing water, thinking he was doing her a favor. 

Homeless to Hopeful: How a Job Helps Rebuild a Life

Posted: 01-21-2018 3:30 pm

Since 1921, Millionair Club Charity (MCC) has operated a supportive employment program to help those who are homeless or living in poverty, like Justin Butler, get back on their feet by connecting them to job opportunities.

Evolution of the Yurt

Posted: 01-21-2018 2:13 pm

These ingenious structures have endured for millennia! Learn about their history, and why they are still popular today.

Create a Bird Friendly Garden

Posted: 02-08-2017 5:57 pm

bird on branchWhy not make your garden more welcoming to birds, increasing your enjoyment – and theirs? Birds use garden plants all season long for feeding, bathing, sleeping and raising their young. By adding plants and garden features you can support our small feathered friends while enjoying four seasons of entertainment right in your own backyard!

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