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What's the Skinny on Fats?

Posted: 03-15-2017 1:34 pm

AvocadoWhich fats are healthy, which are not? Won’t I gain unwanted weight, or worse, completely clog my arteries if I eat too much fat? Over the last 30-plus years we’ve been told that in order to be “healthy,” we should avoid fats. However, over the same period of time we’ve seen an increase in chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, depression, and anxiety. Let's take a closer look.

Good Mood Foods and MORE!

Posted: 03-15-2017 1:07 pm

breadIf you are just adjusting to seasonal darker weather, or simply feeling down, there are a handful of mood-boosting foods to include with your meals or snacks. Especially if you're prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It’s no secret that some foods just plain ‘ole make us feel better. Let’s look at some specific examples.

An Alzheimer's Story - New Hope for Alzheimer Patients

Posted: 02-08-2017 5:01 pm

puzzle piecesBy making significant changes to diet, exercise, targeted supplementation and thorough testing it is possible to reverse the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s, a previously untreatable illness.

What You Need To Know About Sugar

Posted: 11-29-2015 7:25 pm

Blog1215_Sugar_Treats_thConfused about sugars? Distinguish between good carbs and bad carbs, and what to watch out for in added sugars and sugar substitutes.

The Wonderful World of Mushrooms

Posted: 11-11-2015 2:09 pm

Blog1115_Mushroom_Red_thMushrooms are a great addition to any nutritious diet. A discussion on medicinal mushrooms, their health benefits and consumption safety.

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