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Mind and Spirit


Your Mind is Your Sanctuary. Enrich its Every Corner.

Take an indepth look at research and case studies on empowerment, mind-body healing, and spirituality.


Conscious Breathing

Posted: 02-09-2018 12:36 pm

Four Square BreathTake a Deep Breath . . .

Breathing—we all do it, from the day we are born until the day our body expires. Your breath carries the life force, called Prana in Sanskrit. You can only live for a few minutes without breathing.

The Message from Water

Posted: 03-14-2017 11:30 pm

SnowflakeDr. Masaru Emoto’s revolutionary research on water, with his world first technology of water crystal photography, shows that thoughts, words, and everything we see and hear have a direct effect on water-crystal formation. It is essential that we all learn about water and how it’s connected with thoughts and words.

How to Stay Calm and Centered in a World that Feels Out of Control

Posted: 02-08-2017 5:48 pm

Blue swirlTragic events can make you worried, vigilant and guarded to keep yourself safe. The problem is that constant fear and anxiety drain your energy, cloud your judgments and diminish your confidence, which is the opposite of helping you to stay safe. Here are a few tips that can help you overcome your fears and anxieties and regain a greater sense of calmness and centeredness.

From Outer Turmoil to Inner Peace

Posted: 02-08-2017 4:34 pm

inner peaceHave you noticed that it seems like every source of news and media is filled with negativity lately? From international and domestic terrorism, tragedies and political chaos to struggles with interpersonal relationships and individual well-being, we are steadily bombarded with disheartening messages that can leave us feeling a wide range of emotions.

At Peace in your Home ? Nourish your Nesting Instinct for Wellbeing

Posted: 01-28-2017 12:00 pm

buddhaHome is more than just shelter. It reflects our choices, values, and daily rituals, but is also part of a dialogue with us that can change with our needs. Each room in your home can care for a different aspect of your soul and all rooms together can renew and enliven wholeness within you.


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